Working at CoreData

The CoreData Group employs high achievers who are dynamic, hard working and can think laterally.

We are committed to helping our staff become the best they can be. This means we invest in people and support them in working towards their goals.


Four reasons why you should consider working at CoreData:

1. We are passionate about what we do

Our primary goal is in helping our clients to grow their businesses. We are passionate about finding solutions to complex problems through research and analysis.

2. Growth opportunity

We care about our staff. This means we are dedicated to developing a career path and helping them achieve their goals. A great business needs great people working in it, and so it is in our interest to help people to be successful in their profession.

3. Work/life balance

While commitment to the job is critical, we also strive to achieve a healthy work/life balance and ensuring our employees have time to pursue both their personal and professional goals. This might be studying a part-time degree, exercising during lunch-time, participating in team sports or simply spending time with family.

4. International team work

Working at CoreData means being a part of a culturally diverse team of people. Since we are an international company with offices around the globe, we are constantly liaising with our colleagues in Sydney, London, Manila, Beijing, Rio, Boston and Cape Town. There is also the potential to relocate as opportunities arise.